The Missing Batchmate

Among my High School friends, the one that we were anxiously looking for is our batchmate Ruth Jade Canlas. The last time that I have seen her was when she returned my yearbook. Bad luck stroke when I lost her landline number that I have gotten from my blockmate. They knew each other because they were having their OJT at Johnson and Johnson.

Our batchmate RJ is certainly the brightest among our batch. She is our Valedictorian. Everybody was moved to tears while listening to her Valedictory speech during our High School Graduation. She is even “The Saint” of our batch for she has followed all the rules and is very much consistent in not breaking any one of them just as much as she is devoted to her religion.

When we were in our third year, we were the so-called Power Rangers (because of its popularity at that time) with only one missing member. We were groupmates in our Investigatory Project for our Chemistry class. Our research devoted into finding a way to lessen the number of asthma attacks.

Beyond that, she is certainly a good friend that everybody adores. So, if anyone of you reading this blog is a friend of our missing batchmate and knows how to reach her, please do contact me by e-mail.

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