The Memories of the Dreaded Prom Dress

Everyone in the office seems to be so curious on how I looked like in my prom dress. My prom dress, the same dress that I used when I had my 18th birthday, is an off-shoulder gown. The cloth is made of satin. And the color is royal blue. My prom dress was not custom made. In fact, we bought it at some store in Harisson Plaza. And for those who were not able to attend in my debut, I know that you are dying to see that picture. I repeat, I do not have a digital copy of that photo. The only people that were able to see my picture are those who were able to visit our house.

That photo is so precious that I am preserving it in the specialized album with my full body photo in front telling the whole world “The gossip is true you dimwit! Karla celebrated her 18th birthday and wore a gown.” And if you are wondering if I wore a tiara, yes I did. I wonder what spell was put into me why I agreed in that kind of celebration.

I could have celebrated it by having a party here in the house minus the expensive gown plus lots of food and booze. It’s cheaper and much more practical since my friends and relatives won’t have to bother thinking what shall they wear.

I guess the next word(s) that I’ll be hearing from you is royal blue, off-shoulders and tiara.

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