The Just-in-time Sale

Me on spectaclesI just bought a pair of eyeglasses from the recently concluded 3-day sale at SM Bicutan. And this is practically what I needed for work. Basically, I use the computer for more than 8 hours a day and in order to prevent the deterioration of my eyesight, a pair of eyeglasses is needed. I got this one 50 percent off from the original price of the frame and an additional hundred bucks for the lens. Of course the lens is not multi-coated. It is the ordinary type of lens which is relatively cheaper than of the multi-coated type. Budget constraints prevented me from purchasing the other type.

Barong for twinsThen, my brother bought a pair of ring-bearer get-up for Justine and Lance. Both of them will be part of the wedding entourage of my cousin’s wedding this coming Wednesday. Truly, the sale is just in time for my brother so that he could buy them a Barong Tagalog, an undershirt, a pair of slacks and a black leather shoes for a lesser price that will only be used in the upcoming wedding. The only item that Justin and Lance that can be used again right away is their black leather shoes (for school) and their undershirt (for home). They can only use the slacks and the barong for another formal occasion or maybe, some time in August for the annual Linggo ng Wika. I guess they will be required to wear such.

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