The Island of Boracay

Walking on the white sandBoracay has become a magnificent tourist spot for its fine white sand and clear water (with green algae). I’ve been there three times (and that makes my recent trip there the third one). For my third trip to Boracay, we rode a SEA Air jetplane from Manila to Caticlan. It was my first time to ride in that kind of plane. And because it was my first time, it became a little creepy seeing the two pilots in front of you and were not separated by a wall unlike the bigger aircrafts. However, it becomes less creepy with a celebrity (Diane Castillejo – host of Sports Unlimited) inside a plane. When we arrived at Caticlan, it was very unfortunate for us that the terminal there is under construction. Thus, the temporary terminal are the tents that maybe compared to the tents that you’ll find in SMB’s Oktoberfest, NU107 Rock Awards and other events.

Then, we rode a van going to the port (the agency arranged for it) so that we could ride a boat there going to Boracay. By the way, if you’ll be going there and you don’t have a travel agency to arrange for your transportation and accommodations, you can just ride the tricycle since the port is really near to the airport. We rode a small boat (suitable for 5 to 6 passengers) since there were no other clients (that arrived) of the travel agency that my father had made a deal with aside from us.

The Bicycle After half an hour or so, we arrived at the Station One of Boracay Island. I was a bit disappointed at the sight of green algae (called as “lumot” in the vernacaular) on the beach’s shoreline. There’s a lot of them I tell you. And, you would not want them to be sticking on your slippers because it’s hard to remove the small ones. As soon as we got off the boat, we headed directly to Sandcastles (the hotel that we’re staying). When we arrived at the reception area, we were offered welcome drinks that were served to us in a small glass. The drink was supposed to be a Watermelon shake, it seems that they were cost-cutting that the shake became a juice with some crushed ice instead. After that, I turned around and saw a bicycle. Since I miss my trigger-happy days, I took a shot of it.

Sandcastles and the travel agency had some misunderstandings. Unfortunately, we became the victim of such misunderstanding. We had a slight problem with our accommodation when we got at the hotel. Dad chose the room good for four people. Instead, they made an agreement that we will get a standard room plus two single beds. The space in the room was not that big to move around freely. And it sucks that Dad paid for a room that’s good for four people and not a single standard room with two additional single beds. So much for the first day dilemma.

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