The Incredibles

The Incredibles (copyright by Disney and Pixar)

If you’re looking for something to watch where you do not seem to be in a cheesy mode but rather, in a laughing mode, then you should watch The Incredibles. The Incredibles give you back your kiddo days as you watch the family of super heroes fight the evil forces. The Incredibles are Elastigirl, Mr. Incredible, Violet and Dash. Other heroes in the movie are Frozone, Edna Mode and Syndrome (formerly known as Incrediboy). Enumerated below are their superpowers and weaknesses as well.

Elastigirl (voice by Holly Hunter)
Superpower: Flexibility, and Agility, Durability, Leaping ability
Weakness: New Clothes

Mr. Incredible (voice by Craig T. Nelson)
Superpower: Strength, and Agility, Durability, Leaping ability
Weakness: Dessert

Violet (voice by Sarah Vowell)
Superpowers: Invisibility and Force Field, and Agility, Durability
Weakness: Little brothers

Dash (voice by Spencer Fox)
Superpowers: Speed, Acceleration, Reflexes
Weakness: Authority

Edna Mode: Fashion designer for the supers
Strength: Super style
Weakness: Temper

Frozone (voice by Samuel Jackson)
Superpowers: Super cool, Agility and Acrobatics, Skating ability
Weakness: Fire

Syndrome (voice by Jason Lee)
Superpowers: Super villain, and Extreme wealth, Lack of conscience, Weapon technology

The Story
Before, super heroes were recognized until someone sued Mr. Incredible for saving his life for the reason that he does not want to be saved. There were other complaints against him like the damages made on buildings and such. Then, a law mandated all the superheroes to act like normal people and prohibiting them to do superhero work. From then on, they live a normal life until one day, Mr. Incredible got fired at the Insurance Company he’s working for and Syndrome (formerly known as Incrediboy) contacted him through his wife. Suddenly, Mr. Incredible discovered that his invitation there is a trap to kill him, just like what happened to the other supers. Unfortunately, he was trapped and the rest of The Incredibles came to the rescue.

What I’ve got to say
This is the movie to watch, not just because of its neat computer graphics and sound effects but as well as the wit and sarcasm of the writer as well. I just love how the dialogues were done. With regards to the story itself, it’s like another one of those conspiracy-theory type of movies where the ally of the villain would then secretly help the protagonists in this film. Also, this movie reminded me of something like an obsessed fan (Incrediboy) that was put down by his idol (Mr. Incredible) and has come back (Incrediboy turned Syndrome) for revenge but backfired.
With regards to the characters, the super heroes themselves, their superpowers have been common in DC Comics and Marvel Comics as well. Elastigirl reminds me of Mr. Fantastic because they have the same superpower which is flexiblity. Mr. Incredible reminded me of several superheroes such as Thing, Incredible Hulk, and Super Man (without the flying ability, X-ray vision, speed, reflexes and his weakness for Kryptonite). Violet reminded me of Invisible Man (I know there is such thing but I’m not pretty sure if it’s a man or a woman). In addition to that, when I first saw her on the film, she looked like Sadako (from the movie Ringu) because her hair was all over her face. She also reminded me of Wednesday Addams because during the first part of the movie, she has a dull voice. Then, Dash reminded me of the superhero Flash because they have the same abilities. If Violet reminded me of Wednesday Addams, Dash reminded me of Pugsley because of the prank he played on his teacher.

Computer Graphics – 5 out of 5
Sound direction – 4 out of 5
Voice casting – 4 out of 5
Story – 3 out of 5
Laughing factor – 5 out of 5

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