The IMAX experience

Me and a friend was able to watch a 45-minute film at SM Mall of Asia’s IMAX Theater. We were choosing between NASCAR 3D and Everest 2D. We agreed watching NASCAR 3D. When we went inside the theater and was able to get a preview of what IMAX is like, we were so mesmerized that we felt like we’re going to be eaten by dinosaurs. Also, we find the Happy Feet movie kinda cute and funny. Just picture this out, a penguin doing a tap dance without the background music. And it’s like in front of you. It’s as if you could touch the penguin. Then, a trailer of Deep Sea 3D was also shown. If you could recall, there used to be a cable channel dubbed as the aquarium channel and that is what Deep Sea 3D is like. The only difference is that the IMAX experience of that is way better.

NASCAR 3D is a 45-minute documentary. However, we felt that it would be better if the racing parts of the film would be able to show you what it is like to be on the driver’s seat. Or maybe, the experience of what it is like if cars were being thrown over you. In that manner, the IMAX experience would be much enjoyable and would be really worth it.

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