The Hard Drink Session

Yellow Cab's New York Classic

Me and my high school and neighborhood friends had a drinking session last night at home. The early bird award goes to Lili. Robert and Bellie also came and I’d like to give Bellie the Denial Queen award since she’s constantly saying that she’s on a diet but she still cannot resist to get some rice aside from the fried chicken and the pizza on her plate. Hehe. Joey came in with the bottles of Sprite.

Thanks to Bellie and Joey for their contribution on the ingredients of our pseudo-Mindoro Sling. Obviously, I did not put Grenadine syrup in it.

My DWTL sponsor, Mon, arrived and it was a surprise. Good thing he bumped into some of my neighborhood friends. He was also my guitar mentor for the DWTL music ministry in which I’ve always been a part of when I was still active with the group.

Then, Ivan, Arvin, Roy and Carlo arrived. The neighborhood gang was not complete since Arnold is already in Canada and Perci is already in New Zealand, and Lau who has been quite busy taking care of her baby.

Then of course, the one whom I’ve invited first is the last one to arrive. Thus, I shall give Cha the VIP Award. Haha. 😀

We’ve had a pseudo-Mindoro sling, and rhum Coke with a twist. We’ve also had some pizza and fried chicken which was completely wiped out after Ivan, Carlo, Arvin and Roy arrived. 😀

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