The Fab Four of the Superhero World

The Fab Four has always been associated to the Brit-band The Beatles. Not only that, among Filipinos, in this era of talent search for which is not really a matter of talent search but a contest of sorts that would search for people with star quality (which means giving priority on audience impact), hence, the emergence of The Fab Four of Star Circle Quest’s Sandara, Hero, Roxanne and Joross. But, we also have the Fab Four in the Superhero World. This time, they are not called as The Fab Four but they are known as the Fantastic Four which came from the creator of Spider-Man, Stan Lee. Indeed, it has become a trend in Hollywood movies in turning comic books to movies, novels to movies, video games to movies and true-to-life movies. Comic book heroes, Fantastic Four, has joined the bandwagon like Superman, Spider-Man, Batman, X-Men, Elektra, and others that I haven’t mentioned.

Just like X-Men and Spider-Man, Fantastic Four had a DNA mutation which turned them into Mr. Fantastic (the ultimate stretching guy), Invisible Girl (the unbeatable champion in the game of hide and seek), The Human Torch (supernova chickboy flaming in 4000 Kelvin) and The Thing (also known as Pebbles as The Human Torch have put it). Having watched the cartoon series of Fantastic Four in my childhood days, I can easily predict on who’s who will save this and that. In short, it’s a very predictable film. Even though it’s predictable, I enjoyed the special effects in this film especially every time Mr. Fantastic stretches his hand because I don’t know if I’ll be amazed by that or if I’ll just simply throw up. It also has come to my attention in the scene where The Human Torch kissed the nurse and she didn’t feel that it’s hot. That was 200 degrees and it is an abnormal body temperature. Oh well, so much for the spoilers.

I suggest that they should make a promo on Where’s Stan Lee on the next Stan Lee creation that they’ll be filming. Like in other Stan Lee creations that has been turned into movies, Stan Lee has never failed to make an appearance in any of those films. If you didn’t see him, just wait for the credits and wait for his name there.

Visual effects: 5 out of 5
Film consistency: 3 out of 5

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