The Effects of Turning Off your YM Audibles

The effects of turning off your audibles would be outrageous and could create hilarious results. That is most especially when you forgot that it is turned off. And if you forgot that it is turned off you may have hallucinations that your friend’s Yahoo Messenger is being possessed or you could possibly think that there’s a weird impostor accessing his or her Yahoo ID. Then, you may think that your friend is drugged or is drunk that he or she would type some silly things. Read more to catch a glimpse of the conversation.

Cindz: I think we should stop. . . .my IM window just started screaming ‘No More!, No More!’


Cindz: Gotta go. . . my Meds are kickin’ in!

Cindz: (laughing) Please stop. . .(more laughing) I’m dying over here

Me: taena cindy ur in drugs LOL

Cindz: Buh-bye! Buh-bye now. Buh-Bye!

Me: bwahahahha

Cindz: Ooh gotta go, the boss is coming.

Cindz: See ya – wouldn’t want to be ya

Cindz: Oops. Sorry… I have to reboot. Goodbye…

Cindz: That’s it. I’m outta here



Cindz: See ya – wouldn’t want to be ya

Cindz: See ya. I gotta split.

Cindz: Groovy baby, it’s almost the weekend!

Cindz: Ping me!


Me: taena cindy sisave ko toh


Cindz: Oh, me likey!

Cindz: See, this is what happens when you get dressed in the dark.

Cindz: Oh.. looks like the circus is in town.

Cindz: Next!

Cindz: When your IQ reaches 50, you should sell!

Cindz: It’s on now!

Cindz: Nana nana nana!

So if you have your external speakers turned on, make sure you’d turn off your Yahoo Messenger Audibles and ask your friends to use their audibles so that you would have fun reading it without others hearing it. Hehehe!

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