The Die-Hard V-day Fanatics

Prepared for the Valentine's?

Who are the die-hard V-day fanatics? Those are the type of people whom would always celebrate V-day religiously. Those are the people who would ask their respective SO to have dinner with them and surprise them later with roses and chocolates. Erm, as if they are surprised. I guess there is the unwritten rule for those who have an SO and admirers that they should get at least a stem of rose and a chocolate bar. And of course, the roses should have at have a card attached to it.

Other than those who are attached, the singles would loathe on every V-day for not getting any flowers. And thus, here comes the rescue team of the Die-Hard V-Day fanatics Singles sector. They would save their friends from the dilemma of not being able to receive flowers. Thus, this would further save them from the prying eyes of strangers spotting who did not get any flowers this V-day. 😀

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