The Concept of a True-to-life story soap

Pinoy Big Brother: Ang Teleserye ng totoong buhay

The first person that popped in my mind upon hearing the tagline is Jim Carrey. Then, the film The Truman Show followed. The film, The Truman Show is something about a reality TV soap opera where they followed Truman’s life (Jim Carrey). The difference here is that, he was not aware that there are cameras around him and that his life is being shown on TV. The funny thing about this movie is everytime an “advertisement” shows up. For instance, his wife suddenly takes the pose while holding a pack of milk.

In PBB, everyone’s aware that there’s a camera and of course, they are all competing for the prize. Of course, they could have been acting differently because they are aware that there’s a camera and that they are in a competition. Thus, is it still valid that it is a “teleserye ng totoong buhay”?

Well, so much for Franzen for being the most favored “pasaway”. He has to pack all his things and leave this Saturday. I guess Cass knows him too well that she’s confident for asking a voluntary exit and eventually, she’ll soon be favored by the voters if their impression towards Cass will change.

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