The Case of Swerving

As defined in, swerving is to turn aside abruptly in movement or direction; deviate suddenly from the straight or direct course. And since it’s already December and Christmas is getting near, it is most likely that you would be stopped by an MMDA and will charge you for swerving. From the LTO website, I’ve read the traffic violations there and I did not see swerving in the list. Based on this discussion, changing of lanes is already considered swerving to them. If that’s the case, all motorists would have been charged of swerving already since some would have to change lanes to get to their destination. I’ve also read from the discussion that one of the members there just followed the arrow and was charged swerving for following that arrow. This is the case where the motorists are misinformed and when they are misinformed, they will have higher chances of getting corrupted by the enforcers.

TIP #1: Print a copy of LTO’s fines and penalties from their website. Keep it in your car. It may come handy when you are being charged of some law that may be non-existent.

TIP #2: Be assertive in dealing with them. Don’t show the money at once and don’t hand them your license unless you really did something that is against the law.

TIP #3: Be conscious of the road signs. If there are not enough road signs to give you ample information, reason out that you’re quite new in the area and that there are not enough road signs.

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