The Buzzer?!?

I was watching TV this afternoon. They were watching The Buzz for my Mom’s update on what’s the newest Showbiz Chika. Then, there was a segment on the show quoting some celebrities. Let’s start with…

Celebrity number one:
The Buzz: Share ka naman ng tips mo sa pag-maintain ng makinis mong kutis.
Celebrity 1: Gumagamit ako ng ACETONE.

My comment: And when did acetone become some sort of a facial wash? Geesh. Acetone is used for removing nail polish and not for removing pimples. And for you celebrity number one… *Buzzer sound*

Celebrity number two:
As for celebrity 2, The Buzz questions her about gambling.
Celebrity 2: Hindi ako MILLIONARY!!!

My comment: And yes you are not a millionary because there is no such thing as millionary. It is supposed to be millionaire. And for you celebrity number two… *Buzzer sound*

Sometimes, I do not know if they are just really innocent or playing innocent or they just wanted to make people laugh. But then, it is very alarming that some celebrities speak in that manner thinking that a lot of people, their fans so to speak, look up to them. And what could be the horrifying result? The people that look up to them may imitate them (not for the fun of imitating). And this may further result to an increase of the number of people that are not much fluent in the universal language.

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