The Buzz in Pinoy Rock Scene

So many things happened already in the Pinoy rock scene. Marc Abaya goes out of Sandwich and goes out of the three-piece guitar orcestration in which they are known for. After a month of being a double decker Sandwich, Mong Alcaraz of Chicosci completes the triple decker. He now has two bands which makes him like Raimund Marasigan (Cambio) and Myrene Academia (Imago). Then, there’s a sudden news of Barbie’s Cradle disbanding and Barbie Almalbis going solo which reminded me of Kitchie Nadal when she left Mojofly and went solo. The solo performer with a band takes home more moolah than the musicians that play with him/her. And this made me wonder why would they go solo. I just hope that they did not do it because of the current socio-political situation that has made a negative impact on our economy. Also, with Sugar Hiccup missing in action for more than Five Years, they made a comeback without Melody del Mundo but with a new vocalist. There’s actually a lot of buzz in the Pinoy rock scene just like in showbiz. However, it’s just not shown in TV.

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