The Bukswagen Experiments

The Bukswagen Experiments according to Raymund Generoso,

We sell indie CD’s, band merchandise, rock and reggae accessories and alternative literature.

Basically, The Bukswagen Experiments support local independent music. If you are members of different mailing lists, you might have seen their famous slogan which is, “Go S.L.I.M.” And going SLIM does not mean that you’ll be going to the gym regularly. However, the acronym SLIM means, “Support Local Independent Music”.

The Goodies
The shop has hard-to-find books and also some banned books. They also sell magazines like Pulp, MTV ink, Urge, Holocaust, Hightimes, Heads, Cannabis Culture, Weeds, and others. Aside from books and magazines, they also support local independent comics and or magazine publishers like Nardong Tae and Cresci Prophecies. Soon, they will also be selling local independent films by Kahvn de la Cruz of Filmless Films outfit and of (I tried going to the link but I guess it’s down) and also the animated films and experimental films by Rox Lee (of Cesar Asar comic strip).

Now, they are slowly evolving into becoming a small music shop that carries independent CD’s and merchandise from local independent artists.

    The following t-shirts are also being sold:

  • Chicosci
  • Typecast
  • Cambio
  • Shuffle Union
  • Rockista

Dong Abay’s and his wife Ninj’s The Bida Beads are also being sold at the shop along with the accessories made by Fern (the bassist of Brownbeat All Stars). Also, CDs and merchandise from Terno Records and Monopond Records will be available soon. Splitcide’s and Mojofly’s CDs and merchandise will also be available soon.

The Location
Their shop is located at 2nd floor Circle C Mall, Congressional Avenue Quezon City, Metro Manila. It’s right beside the Cherry Food-o-Rama Supermarket and right above Robinson’s Supermarket. Aside from the mentioned location, they also have a roving stall in the form of a 1972 Kombi van. They can be found at the big gigs in the metro.

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