The Bloomfields

PerspectiveA whole band where almost everyone could sing is truly a rare find for me. Before I was able to watch them last night at Dish, I was thinking that there’s only one vocalist (which is usually the guitarist). In fact, almost everyone can sing. Drummer Rocky Collado has a lot of energy in playing the drums and singing as well. And you’ll really be reminded of the Beach Boys everytime he sings. As for JJ Lozano and Louie Poco, they are indeed true blue Beatles fans because of their Rickenbacker guitar and bass respectively. I was not expecting Pepe Lozano, who is also the guitarist and vocalist of Weedisneys and as well as Lakan (who is also the guitarist of Weedisneys) will be into classic rock and roll which means happy music to them. The songs of Weedisneys sound really dark compared to what they were playing last night. In addition, Lakan is truly a fine musician for having played the guitars, keyboards and as well the violin. In case you do not know, he used to play violin at an orchestra. Aside from the songs that they cover, they also have originals. I’ve heard two of those originals last night. One was written in English and one was written in Filipino. They’ll be coming up with an album but the date of release is the question that still remains to be unanswered.

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