The Birthday Boys

Lance as the Ice Cream Guy “More Strawberry, More Strawberry”

Lance as the Nacho Man “Nacho, nacho man… I wanna be a Nacho Man”

Last November 7, my nephews celebrated their birthday. It was a swimming party. But the catch is, only the kids were able to swim and some of the yayas as well. Apparently, there were more adults than the youngsters. I remember that the day before the party, my brother told me that bottles of San Mig Light will also be served aside from the usual spaghetti and fried chicken which is almost always included in every children’s party that I have attended to. I replied to my brother with a facial expression that tells him that,

“Hey, are you kidding me or not?”

And during the party, I was surprised when my cousin gave us some San Mig Light. Of course, the beers are only for the adults, unless their parents would want to make their kids fall asleep. Hehe. As we drank some beer, the older ones just sang videoke tunes, and the kids just swam in the pool.

Justin and Lance showed a bit of their naughtiness when they were given a plastic cup one of their godfathers. He instructed them to fill the glass with water then throw it to his cousin. And they did as they were instructed. Then, when they had the balloon deflated, they filled it up with water so that they could throw it to Tito Gil. Haha! Toits (pronounced as To-its) ran away from them instead of giving them a stern look as a signal that they should not throw the balloon at him.

Justin as the Cake Monster “Be afraid, be very afraid”

Batman and Superman with icing on their feet

After that, Justin went towards the cake (where figures of Superman and Batman are found) and then he took the Batman figurine from it and started licking the icing from it. Justin, still not contented, he then spooned some icing from the cake using the Batman figurine. Then, he had icing on his face and on his nose as well. Lance, seeing what Justin did, he also approached where the cake is. Then, he took off the Superman figurine and did the same thing. Because of that, Mom gave them slices of cake. Justin then lurked around at the dining table and saw the plate with some lumpiang shanghai. Then, he ate some of it. In addition to that, he even ate some nachos with cheese. In fact, he finished one serving of Nachos. After their food trip, they took a bath and played some more.

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