The Best PC Specs for Inventor 11

I’ve been quite geeky this past few days since I’ve got my hands on the Beta 2 version of Autodesk Inventor 11. And there are a lot of things that I’ve discovered about it. First thing to consider is the PC specs. A 512MB RAM can be good enough for Autodesk Inventor 10. However, for Autodesk Inventor 11, things may not be good especially if you’re going to deal with large assembly configurations. The next thing to consider is the Graphics card. If you’re going to use a GeFORCE 2 MX Graphics card for Autodesk Inventor 11, you might want to think of throwing it into a trash can then use at least a GeFORCE 4. Using a GeFORCE 2 MX for Autodesk Inventor 11 would certainly produce a panicky atmosphere especially when you are not used to see cones popping out everytime you rotate your 3D model. It may have a driver for Direct3D graphics but it’s not good enough. An OpenGL supported graphics card would still work best. Never neglect the RAM and the graphics card when choosing a computer especially if it’s going to be used for 3D modeling. Don’t just check if it runs on Pentium 4 or not. You have the right to be choosy for disastrous results awaits you when you’re not. One word, invest.

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