The Bataan Chronicles

Day One: Saturday – Meet at McDonald’s Mindanao Avenue. Along with a special friend and her High School friends, we went to Bagac, Bataan particularly at the NAPOCOR plant. We stayed in one of the guest houses there and I guess you would not believe that there are 17 of us in the van. You would definitely wonder how the hell we put our things in the van and get ourselves seated.
Upon arriving at the place, I slept along with others that haven’t had slept last night. And when we woke up, it was already lunch time. We had a hearty feast of Chicken and Pork Adobo. After having a little rest, we went to the Beach which is about 20 to 30 minutes away from the guest house. The sand is white but the shores are not clean because of the stormy weather. The waves are strong too and so, we decided to just swim in the pool which is a whole lot safer. After a couple of hours of swimming, we went back to the guest house and took a shower. After a little rest and the ihaw-ihaw session, we had our dinner. The menu includes inihaw na liempo, laing, inihaw na talong, enchillada, inihaw na tilapia, and stuffed bangus. After dinner, we watched a bit of Star Circle Quest and yes, Hero is the Grand Questor. Afterwards we had a couple of beers and pulutan and bonding galore.
Afterwards, we slept.

Day Two: Sunday – Time to go Home. It’s Sunday and it’s time to go home. We woke up at around 8:30am if I’m not mistaken and everybody was having their breakfast. There is a power outtage and there is no water since it is being driven by the pump and so, electricity is needed in order to have water. After having breakfast, we packed up our things and by 10:45 am (I hope I’m not mistaken with the time), we went back to Manila. We had stopovers at a bus terminal in Pampanga, at a Pampanga’s Best Outlet and at a gasoline station. For almost the whole duration of the travel, I just slept or sometimes I was just half-asleep while hearing their jokes and laughter. I woke up at the Balintawak exit and we arrived at SM North EDSA at around 3pm. We had our lunch at Wendy’s and then zoom… back to reality…

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