The Attack of the Ngo-ngo

After having a full body massage last Sunday, I suddenly morphed into a ngo-ngo. Truly, I could finish off a whole traveler’s pack of Kleenex in one sitting and that’s how bad my cold is. And what’s worst? I have to keep my mouth shut because I am not comfortable talking with a bad cold. That’s plain and simple torture. It is like I am condemned to have my usual laughing trip sessions as my way of releasing stress. Even though I am sick, I would not allow such thing to happen. But I have to admit that I should lessen it as of the moment since a lot of laughing would then lead to a lot of coughing. Of course, who would want to be in a state of being “ngo-ngofied” and barking simultaneously? No one in their right mind would ever want to be in such state.

I have to admit that I am not a type of person who indulges herself into taking medicines everytime I feel that there’s something wrong with my respiratory system because even though I take medicines, it’s still there. And so, I thought of trying to cure myself the traditional “Mercury Drug” way. And so, I bought myself No-Drowse Decolgen Forte just this evening. I was actually supposed to buy medicine this morning but then, the Mini Stop which is in front of our office only has Vicks Vaporub and lots of tissues for me to sneeze on.

I really do hope that I will get back to the normal “de-ngo-ngofied” state as soon as possible. And for my final message: (Read this loudly for more impact) Umain ng Mo en Meen a-aka inom Mebsi.

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