The Annual “Paagaw” of Coins

This is one annual family ritual which is held on the 31st of December that we should not miss and this is the “paagaw” of coins sponsored by Lolo Pepe in which my nephews call him Lola because they associate his name with an organ that only a female could have. This is the first time that my nephews joined the paagaw. Last year, they just sat and watch us as we grab the coins that landed near our respective territories. I was able to get 82 pesos and I’m the top notcher for the year 2005 in our family (excluding our cousins). These coins won’t go in a piggy bank but for commuting.

Here are some tactics:

1. Find a spot away from the elderly.
They tend to sit down on the floor which in turn will be a threat for you to get the coins because they have already blocked them.

2. Use your feet.
You cannot use all of your hands when getting the coins since they are scattered around. The best that you can do is to step on the coins while picking the others.

3. Use a pouch instead of the pockets of your clothes.
Use a pouch where you could place the clothes. Never place all of them in your hands. You might lose the others as you get more coins.

4. Avoid physical contact with the people around.
This takes away all the fun and the enthusiasm to get all the coins.

5. Prioritize the coins that have the highest value.
10-peso and 5-peso coins should be on your priority list. Remember, before you could get a value of 10 bucks with a one-peso denomination, you have to seek and get 10 one-peso coins.

6. Be keen.
You should have keen eyes for coins that are lying down on the floor after the paagaw.

Happy New Year everyone! =)

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