The 50mm Lens

I went to Quiapo this afternoon to purchase a Canon 50mm f/1.8 II lens. I just tested the lens this evening and I’m impressed with its performance since it is cheap compared to other lens. I uploaded some of the test photos in my Flickr account. Those were taken at ISO 400 and an Aperture Priority shooting mode. I tried the auto-focus and as well as the manual focus and yes the motor may is noisy while in auto-focus mode. However, it really does not matter to me. What matters to me the most is the quality of the photos.

The photo below is the cropped version (at 100 percent) of one of the photos that I’ve uploaded earlier.

100 percent crop 50mm test

I could truly say that this particular lens is a worthy investment. As of this date, it is priced at 3,900 pesos. I was also able to read in one forum that the cost of this lens in Makati is 5,000 pesos. Thus, I saved 1,100 pesos!

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