The 1994 Pulitzer Prize Winning Photo

The picture that you see on the left is taken by Kevin Carter which won him the Pulitzer Prize. The photo you see depicts the 1994 Sudan famine where the vulture in staring at the helpless child who is about a kilometer away from the United Nations food camp. 3 months later after Kevin took the picture, he committed suicide due to depression. I got this e-mail from a high school friend. Sometimes, we would just complain about the food being served to us. Still, we are lucky for we eat three times a day (or even more than that). It’s time that we also think of the situation of other people and not only think of ourselves.

And this is when social responsibility comes in to place. I know that we have all our own problems but taking a little time won’t hurt. However, you do not have to feel so desperate about the current situation and commit suicide because of the guilt produced by not finishing your meals when there are a whole lot of people who cannot eat a complete meal. However, it is not good to shower them with all your extra coins for they may not buy it with food. As we all know, kids these days are smoking at an early age and some are even taking solvent or rugby. Thus, in order to have a guilt-free day, all you have to do is to every time you’re not able to finish your meal (whether it is from a fastfood or a fancy restaurant), just give it to the kids that will approach you. However, be prepared to not to be appreciated since some of those kids want some cold cash. Some of them made up their own silly golden rule used:

“Food credir is good but we need cash”

And indeed, money makes the world go round. It makes their head spin after taking in rugby. Geesh. Again, never ever give them money. If they won’t accept the food you offered them, it’s not your problem anymore. Just warn them about this,

“Masama ang tumatanggi ng grasya”

And tell them (just like in any other chain letter), that they will be unlucky for 48 years if they do not accept it. And since they do not want to be unlucky for that long, they’ll just accept it and run away and find other prospects that could supply them money for their vices.

Well, I do have my own vices but I did not start at that age. Oh well, I hope this will serve as a reminder for all of us.

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