That Year Was 2007

Happy New Year everyone 🙂 ! The year 2007 was full of transitions, I’d say. In April 2007 alone, Narda held their last gig at Saguijo and 6 Underground (my favorite gig place) bade goodbye too. And of course, if one says farewell, a new one would also say hello like The Vince Noir Project last June 2007. In the year 2007, I was only able to attend one album launch, and that album launch was Sino Sikat’s debut album held at Hard Rock Cafe last July 2007. Also, the only NU event that I got to attend this year was at Saguijo last November.

Aside from music stuff, let’s move towards my career highlights. In the year 2007 was a great change in my career. For the first 2.5 years of my work experience, I devoted it to the Manufacturing sector. My first 6 months was with Johnson and Johnson whilst the rest was spent with CIM where I was an Applications Engineer doing pre-sales and post-sales support for a Mechanical CAD software. However, I cannot really see myself growing in this particular industry that is very much related with the course that I took in college. Then, there came an opportunity where I know that I would grow. I took the risk of changing my career path and I am happy with it. 🙂

It was also in 2007 that I was invited for a speaking engagement where I conducted two seminars for public school teachers. It was really an honor for me to get invited to such. 🙂

And of course with my personal highlights, I’d just leave that to myself. 🙂 Anyway, I’m looking forward to 2008. 😀

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