Thai at Silk

Sticky Rice

We had lunch at Thai at Silk in Serendra, Fort Bonifacio and it is a nice place to stroll around during late in the afternoon 😀 . We just ordered a Tom Yum, Stir-fried chicken with cashew nuts, Sole fish curry, fried rice and sticky rice. 😀

Tom Yum
Basically, tom yum is like the Filipino dish sinigang. It is sour and really spicy. The soup may either include prawns or chicken.

Sticky Rice
Sticky rice is just like “suman”. Here in the Philippines, Filipinos usually dip the “suman” first in a bowl of sugar before eating it. The Thai way of eating the sticky rice is different. Sticky rice is served with sliced ripe mangoes and coconut milk is poured onto the sticky rice.

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