After ten decades, the group was finally complete in the meeting. However, it only lasted for about an hour. Also, for the longest time, the group dismissed at 4pm which was unusual for we were always leaving the school at around 8pm. The only thing is that I still have to stay late at night and finish my responsibilities. I still have to do some revisions on the formatting, proofread the other chapters, edit the video, and the list goes on.

Beneath this serious side comes our wacky side. There was never a meeting that we haven’t had the chance to exchange jokes. Some moments were even devoted to reminiscing the earlier years of our college life, talking about our past professors, particularly, the ones we had in our first year.


Quotable Quotes
“Pakatapos ng thesis, magpapatattoo ako ng sisiw sa likod. Tapos sa iyo Karla agila naman.”

“Kung ikaw ay magiging sapatos, ano ka at bakit?”

“Kung ikaw ay magiging prutas, ano ka at bakit?”

“Pano kasi…”

“Adjourn na, adjourn!”


The Cast
Groupmate 1: Master Programmer, Official Joker
Groupmate 2: Math wizard, Hamburglar, Translator of the Greek language
Groupmate 3: CATIA/CAD Expert, Machinist
Groupmate 4: MS Excel Master, Bring Me Grand Champion
Groupmate 5: Electronics Master, MS Word Doctor, Chief Accountant, Graphics and Layout artist, Video Editor, Adviser Seeker

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