TechTote Candy Hearts Gadget Bag

My sister posing with the dSLR bag

Noel and Via sent me the TechTote Candy Hearts Gadget Bag (which is made for a dSLR camera) a few days ago (Thanks Noel and Via 🙂 ). In the above photo, my sister is holding the Candy Hearts – Heartbreaker model (colors: black and baby blue). Other colors of this stylish tote bag are: Be Mine (green and yellow), XOXO (purple and pink), Sweetheart (orange and black) and Hot Stuff (red and white).

TechTote dSLR Bag

I put my Canon EOS 350D in the dSLR bag with its kit lens attached (18-55mm) and with a neck strap as well. It fits well in the bag with still some room for an extra battery and a memory card with its case.

Interior part of TechTote dSLR bag

The form of the bag was designed such that the lower part is more narrow than the upper part. Such design won’t need to have additional support for the camera like other camera bags. Thus, with this kind of design, the orientation of the camera is placed such that it can be easily be taken out from the bag. The interior of the bag has a corduroy lining.

According to Wikipedia, corduroy (as a fabric) is considered as a durable cloth. Since it has been said that it’s good for colder climate, the corduroy lining gives an added protection for your camera.

The exterior of the bag is made of patent leather with trimmed lambskin. Such type of material makes it easy to clean with a damp cloth. This waterproof material chosen for the exterior is a good choice not only because of aesthetics but also because of functionality.

Close up of the zipper of the TechTote bag

In closing the bag, there are two sliders that are attached to a leather so that you can pull it in just one direction. You just have to hold the bag at the side (opposite to the direction where you’ll be pulling it to close it) so that you won’t have a hard time (in closing the bag).

The ultimate test here is to pour some amount of water on the bag. And yes, there’s no water inside the bag. 😉 I even tried pouring some water on the cloth between the zipper and the vinyl. This is because of the thick lining that was placed just below the zipper.

Close up of the handle of TechTote

The one that holds the handle (its support) is backstiched (with two strands of thread) to the bag itself. It has been said that the backstitch holds more strength than a basic running stitch. I’m really not sure though how long enough it can hold before it breaks but it is important to make sure not to put really heavy stuff in the bag.

The bag has also a small pocket on one side where you can put other small accessories.

Basically, TechTote Candy Hearts bag is not only stylish but is functional for its intended purpose. In addition, it is a bag that does not scream “I’m a camera bag, come and get me” type. 😀 It is highly-recommended for the chic with a passion for photography. 😉

The bag is available at all Powerbooks branches for 799 pesos (including Cebu).

Visit TechTote to check out their other products.

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