Tear Here

Some time ago, I was watching bubble gang when Michael V. held a packed food at his hand with the markings tear here. Upon reading it, he moved the package close to his eyes and started crying. I just remembered this particular Bubble Gang joke when I was eating at McDonalds.

I had four sachets of catsup. However, the other two pieces with the sign tear here has no torn portion in order to cut the sachet by just ripping it off manually without exerting so much effort.

If the sachet of the catsup could respond to people, I’d say that, “You’re so selfish for not sharing. You just want me to tear here because you have succeeded in making my experience of eating french fries a bad one. Well, you may succeed but then, think again, you might get yourself punched or torn into pieces later on. Or what’s worse, a slow and painful death caused by the stinking smell of your future neighbors.”
So, what would you think the catsup would likely reply? I guess the catsup will reply, “So you are calling me selfish huh? You just do not know what I have went through in order to share you my exotic taste. I went away from my family just to satisfy your craving and to make your experience of eating french fries a wonderful one. The people behind the quality control of making sure that the catsup could really be ripped of without exerting much effort are the ones responsible.”
What if I was able to open the catsup after saying all those things? I guess the catsup will squirt a catsup to me as a revenge and that is what you call, The Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.

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