I mailed my former professor this morning. He’s also our former thesis adviser. I asked him if there are slots available for part-time. As you can see, I was hoping to be a part-time lecturer for the next term. He replied back and he said that he will talk to the vice chair first if there are any slots available.

I wish there were slots available. And if there were slots available, taking charge of the chalk and the lesson plan would definitely be a challenge to me. I do not know if I’ll be a good instructor or not. Some of my friends are part-time lecturers at the College of Saint Benilde, and some are full time teachers at De La Salle Zobel and at a certain International School in Las Pinas. One of my friends said that she was depressed at first because the students won’t cooperate with her and that she was afraid that they might not learn anything for her.

I guess having students like that are already normal. There are a few exceptional moments where everyone is behaved and listening to the professor. I should know, I became a student. There were times that anyone can just sleep if they feel like to or look at kodigo’s as large as a yellow pad sheet. There were times when everyone would suddenly burst into silence when the professor has come back after they have discussed that the answer is letter a. Those were just the times. And yes, this happens even to the top universities.

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