Tagaytay Road Trip

B1 and B2

We had a road trip earlier this afternoon in Tagaytay and we discovered a great food trip place. The name of the restaurant is Mama Neng’s Chicken Inasal and Lapaz Batchoy. Even though they don’t have the ever famous Tagaytay view bundled with the meal, the Lapaz Batchoy is already a jackpot.

A large order of a Lapaz batchoy is already good for two people and it costs 59 pesos. You may also want to try their crispy pata (costs 260 pesos). Their crispy pata is something that you should eat especially if you’re craving for some cholesterol. Hehehe! šŸ˜€

After that, we headed for Starbucks Tagaytay and we discovered that the mime artists are not only seen in Festival Mall, COMDAPP 2006 event and such. As a tradition in making the mime artist move, I dropped a coin (the first time I dropped a coin for a mime artist) and he did a robot dance. He would also occasionally surprise anyone that passes by and of course, I’m not one of them. Hehehe. šŸ˜€

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