Wolfgang at Tiendesitas’ 7th Anniversary

Wolfgang at Tiendesitas' 7th Anniversary - 2

It was my first time to watch a gig in Tiendesitas last night. Apparently, it’s the 7th anniversary of Tiendesitas. Aside from Wolfgang, Electric Sala, Razorback, and Chickoy Pura, Zach Lucero and Francis Reyes performed too. 😀

Wolfgang at Tiendesitas' 7th Anniversary - 1

By the way, Wolfgang has released an album entitled “Ang Bagong Dugo sa Lumang Ugat”. It’s available in iTunes! What’s interesting about their new album is that all of the songs are in Filipino. What’s also unique about this, is that they’re not releasing the entire album as one. They’re releasing it in three parts!

Track List (Unang Kabanata):
1. Kandila
2. Sandata
3. Ang Bagong Dugo Sa Lumang Ugat
4. Bulag

Wolfgang at Tiendesitas' 7th Anniversary - 3

They are also selling CDs of the first part of the album. It’s available at PhP 180 each! Watch out for the last two parts of this concept album.

Awesome crowd of Tiendesitas

Thanks Niña Sandejas for giving us the opportunity to shoot Wolfgang! 🙂 More photos coming soon 🙂