Sunday = Sleep Day and D(VD)-Day

I think I had too much sleep. I slept at around 5am, then woke up at 10am because the voice of my nephews are synonymous to hearing an alarm clock ring. It’s like I was in the middle of the sleep and awake status where I thought I was dreaming that my nephews are calling me and a part of it has lead me to think that they are actually calling me. I woke up and found them at the sofa, playing with their new toy. It looks like a discman but then, it plays a tape. So, it’s a walkman that looks like a discman. Get my drift? They were listening to some silly children’s rhymes and I was a bit annoyed because I haven’t had enough sleep at that particular moment. Then, I went to the refrigerator and have some donut for breakfast. I went back to the sofa and as I approached them, Justin’s eyes were saying,

“I want some donuts. Feed me!”

And so, I was right. In fact, it was proven in a matter of seconds. I let him taste the donut and it turned out that he liked it and he just ate it. Then, I went back to the kitchen and both of them (Lance and Justin) followed me. I opened the fridge and they were right behind me. They were like predators waiting for the prey (the donuts) to come out. Then, I gave them donuts. They want back to the sofa and continued their listening pleasure. I swear, they looked like lunatics swinging their heads left and right while they eat the donuts. But then again, they are kids, so they are excused. After that, we went to mom’s house. We arrived there around 10:45 am. My brother went back home because he has to clean his car. Since it was too early to have lunch, I decided to sleep instead. I had a bad dream, it was not the type that tells you that you’ve watched too many Regal Shocker movies. It is the type of dream where the haunting experience is a psychological one. Then, I woke up and my brother was not there yet. Thus, I decided that if the clock strikes 12noon, I will eat with or without them.

Then, after lunch, I slept again. I woke up at around 4:30pm. My brother was telling me that I am sleeping too much already and it’s fattening to sleep especially in the afternoon. Instead of answering back to him something that would cause him to rip my neck off, I just went upstairs and went to Mom’s room. She was watching Wicker Park on DVD. Obviously, I haven’t started the film. It was actually 3/4’s done already. The film ended with a scene at the airport where the two lovers (Josh Hartnett and the girl–I forgot her name) are getting too emotional for having found each other even though there were too many people rushing in and out. Then, a Coldplay song played for that cheesy part of the film. Nevertheless, I will still watch it because I was also curious about the other songs used in the film.

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