Sun Cellular

Some of my friends have switched to Sun Cellular because of their 24/7 call and text unlimited service. And also, some of my friends are maintaining two mobile phones just in case the network of Sun Cellular gets cranky. I’ve been subscribed to Sun Cellular’s Plan 1000 for sometime. It used to have free SMS amounting to 700 pesos. When I got my bill last month, the free SMS reduced to 400 pesos which sucked big time since my bill before that does not reach beyond 1000 pesos.

What I do not like about this whole changing fiasco thing is that they did not even bother to notify us as their subscribers. A letter would be highly appreciated but then, I still hate the changes made.

I have a friend who subscribed at Smart where she only has to pay 500 bucks for the unlimited text and yet, there was no change. The time that she was subscribed to Smart was the time when the SMS era was just starting.

Now, there’s Sun Cellular who chose to sacrifice their subscribers in order to give way to the 24/7 call and text service and even without a notification letter for that matter.

I believe that they should not have changed it when the subscribers enrolled for their particular post-paid plan way before the 24/7 call and text mania. They should have made these changes for subscribers who enrolled when the 24/7 call and text era started. Or, what they could do is instead of charging the subscribers an additional of 250 bucks in order to acquire the 24/7 call and text unlimited, they should have given it for free with the 400 bucks worth of free SMS.

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