It is rare to find a Filipino horror movie that would surely make you feel a bit stressed after because of its main requirement while watching, and that is to scream. The main characters of the film are Kris Aquino and Claudine Barretto. The movie starts with Kris Aquino (Sandy) and Wendell Ramos (Dale) arriving from abroad and have lunch with Dale’s family. During lunch, they talk about sukob which is a superstition that two siblings should not be wed in the same year or a wedding must not be held after a death of a family member in the same year. If such superstition is violated, it will cause you misfortune. When Sandy and Dale went to the bride-to-be’s family, Sandy learned that her kababata (Helen) suffered from a series of unfortunate events causing their whole family to die. On Sandy and Dale’s wedding day, Sandy suffered a nose bleed. While it was happening, the daughter of Dale’s cousin saw the creepy flower girl.

After the reception, the two girls disappeared after they had a vehicular accident. At the back seat, the veil at Sandy’s wedding appeared. With that, a family secret has been revealed. Her father has another family. Little that they know that Sandy’s half sister got married on the same year as theirs. After the revelation of the family secret, Sandy’s mother (Boots Anson Roa) dragged her things out of the house. She was almost killed by a car. A few minutes after, she was killed by falling debris. Her body was nowhere to be found. Instead, a cord was found after the debris were removed.

After that series of events, Dale and Sandy went to find her long-lost half-sister. They stayed at some resort after the long trip. As soon as Dale finished taking a shower, the ala-The Ring scene flashed back. Instead of coming out of a TV, the creepy flower girl came out of the window. When Sandy was able to come in, Dale was nowhere to be found. The candle was found lying on the floor instead. After that, Sandy went to the police station. And it must be fate that Claudine was also on the same police station where the two have met. While inside the car chit-chatting, Claudine found out that she’s in the same car with her half-sister. Claudine then wants to get out of the car. With that, Sandy found her half-sister. I find it funny though that they should chitchat outside of the car.

They went to a witch doctor of some sort where he performed rituals. The veil, the cord, and the aras was thrown in fire. The aras was not destroyed. So, they went to the church where the ‘sukob’ has started and it was at the bell tower. As they arrived on the top, Sandy started to smash the aras. The creepy flower girl followed them and was going to take Claudine’s baby. Sandy sacrificed her life to spare the baby. Kris fell from the bell tower and her body was found which is a sign that the ‘sukob’ has ended.

But wait there’s more! Claudine was reunited with her father. Then, upon returning to their home, Claudine’s father was then killed by his two wives which left the question, “What happened to Claudine?”.

Sukob is far better than Feng Shui and I’m glad that it deviated away from all the Chunkee corned beef cameos.

Casting: 4 out of 5
Plot: 4.5 out of 5
Screamy factor: 5 out of 5
Overall rating: 4.5 out of 5

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