Sugarfree’s Farewell Concert

Sugarfree Farewell Concert - 116
Jal, Mitch, Ebe, Kaka

I remember when I first heard of Sugarfree’s songs, I bought a copy of their album “Sa Wakas”. I went to some of their bar gigs and joined their mailing list. I can’t believe that last night’s farewell concert is their last performance ever before the day there’s no more Sugarfree.

Sugarfree Farewell Concert - 81
Ebe Dancel

We went there early (me and Sha) so that we could get a spot in the front. As early as 630pm, we were already standing in front of the stage. Right now, my legs and arms are still hurt because of standing for a long time and because I took a lot of pictures. You know what, watching them live for the last time is all worth the pain.

Sugarfree Farewell Concert - 65
Jal Taguibao

I find it cool to see some of the photographers in the pit (space between the stage and the audience) singing along with Sugarfree as they take photos of the band. There were others who got wet because it rained that night (even the skies cried with us). I didn’t notice it at first until Ebe mentioned it.

Sugarfree Farewell Concert - 59
Kaka Quisumbing

Like we’ve expected, Mitch was also there. Mitch was Sugarfree’s drummer. He left the band and Kaka Quisumbing became the drummer. Sometimes, Mitch would still play with Sugarfree. The first time I saw Mitch perform again with Sugarfree was in an Admit One gig where Fatal Posporos and Twisted Halo had reunion gigs.

Sugarfree Farewell Concert - 49
Mitch Singson

Eastwood Central Plaza was literally packed last night. Thank you Sugarfree for the songs. đŸ™‚

Sugarfree Farewell Concert - 89
Jal and Ebe

Sugarfree Farewell Concert - 16
Ebe with his nephew

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