Sugarfree Dekada: 10 years of Sugarfree

Ebe in Sugarfree Dekada 1

It was my first time to watch Sugarfree with the Manila Symphony Orchestra. Seeing the stage setup (strings on the left side of the stage, marimba beside the strings, drum set in the middle, brass and woodwind instruments on the right) when I entered Music Museum made me really excited.

When everyone else was on-stage except for Ebe, everyone was curious how will Ebe enter the stage. An AVP played first on the screen then we found him standing in the middle aisle at the back with a wireless microphone. Spot light is on Ebe then, Ebe started to sing and walked slowly towards the stage. The first song was “Reunion” from the album “Tala-arawan”.

My Favorite Parts of Sugarfree Dekada:

I like how the drum loops from the synths complements with the music from the orchestra and the band.


Jal in Sugarfree Dekada 2

It is rare to see Jal singing on-stage. “Taguan”, from the album “Sa Wakas” is the only song that Jal sang.

Fade Away
Kaka played the lead guitar part for this song in the concert and he was awesome!


Mitch in Sugarfree Dekada

Mitch Singson, former drummer of Sugarfree, played drums with them.


Ebe in Sugarfree Dekada 12

Ebe played the guitar for this song. It was really rare to see Ebe play the guitar nowadays since they have their guitarist.

Tulog Na
Tulog Na was very solemn. There were no drums. Just Ebe, guitarist with an acoustic guitar, and the orchestra.

This is the song that almost made me cry. The musical arrangement was so beautiful. By the way, this song was not included in their concert two years ago with the Manila Symphony Orchestra.

Kwentuhan and Burnout

This is my most favorite part. Ebe stood on top of the chair next to our row. Haha. Ebe took my camera (see 6:39 of the video shown above).

Here’s the setlist:
Hay Buhay
Unang Araw
Feels Like
Wala Nang Hihilingin
Fade Away
Medley: Makita Kang Muli, Dear Kuya, Hari ng Sablay
Tulog Na
Wag Ka Nang Umiyak

Jal, Ebe and Kaka in Sugarfree Dekada

The concert ended with “Prom” from the album “Dramachine”.

Check out more photos of Sugarfree Dekada by clicking the link.

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