Stuart Little Surprised Me

If you remember the movie Stuart Little, the main character there is Stuart and he was a pet there who wore clothes like humans. But then, if Stuart Little was acting like like a real mouse, he would not have a name then. He would just be like a regular mouse snooping around the kitchen without the clothes of course. Then, instead of adoring him, people would either be scared by the little monster or would be enraged finding him in their cupboard. I saw Stuart Little somewhere in my room just passing thru. Indeed, it surprised me. But I hate those kind of surprises.

I almost jumped off my seat upon seeing the creature. I’ve been telling Dad to call the pest control and to terminate all of those rats whom I thought that they were some ground-burrowing mammal in their past life or just mutated into such. And then further mutated with Spider-man like powers such as walking at the wall. They must have developed claws that are capable of such ability.

So, if you’ve seen a movie like Stuart Little especially if you have an environment like this, your impression on rats would never change. It would just be the same. It’s like the saying, “Same Shit, Different Day”. By the way, this saying was popularized by shirts distributed around the metro. Also, you won’t be transformed into a protector of the mice rights. You’ll be the same person thinking the same shit they do.

However, there’s no Sylvester, Felix, Garfield or Tom to the rescue. Before, there were a lot of them hanging around in our backyard looking for some Jerry or Stuart Little. Now, the ecosystem in our backyard was not balanced anymore. The presence of Tom’s, Garfield’s, Muningning’s or any other meowing creature are seldom to be found. I guess they resigned for the position of Rat Control and transferred to another territory where they have more food and more time dedicated to playing as well.

Also, even if there were a lot of anti-rat chemicals being sold in the nearest supermarket, they seem don’t to work anymore. They’ve become much better. And they’ve become really smart. They don’t even get trapped at the fly paper.

I guess I should better call The Terminator rather than the pest control.

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