Starbucks Planner and My Incredible Nephews

Finally, I have acquired my Starbucks Planner. Thanks to my friends who helped me. I have dedicated a credits space for all of you on my planner which is located on the front page. Hehe! And just the same, no one can ever make me drink a peppermint mocha even if it’s for a planner. So I’d like to thank Billie and the gang and also my Dad for helping me out.

While I was out yesterday with the goal of completing the stub with my ultimate Starbucks buddies, my nephews watched Lastikman which is a rip-off of some American comic superhero according to Psychicpants.

My nephews arrived around lunch time with their Dad (my brother) and they found some gifts for them underneath our Christmas tree. They got some watercolor stuff which means that we have to teach them how to paint. However, we were afraid that they might transform the walls from white to assorted. We should know that because when we were kids, we were not contented with bond papers as our canvas. Thus, we used walls as our canvas since the space is not limited. Because of that, my parents put up a blackboard on our garage and provided us with some chalk so that we could just draw there instead of vandalizing our walls. After being successful with that, they repainted the walls again and covered our drawings of stick figures with white paint.

They have also received a gift from our cousin. They got action figures of The Incredibles (Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, Baby Jack Jack, Violet, and Dash). And of course they immediately played with it. Justin got Mr. Incredible, Violet and Dash. Lance got Baby Jack Jack and Elastigirl. While playing with the action figures, my sister asked them to imitate Baby Jack Jack when he became the Human Torch. Hehe.

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