Starbucks 2006 Planner

Finally, the Starbucks 2006 PlannerI finally got my Starbucks planner yesterday morning at Starbucks Legaspi which is a few blocks away from our office. I’d like to thank the following for their contribution: my sister for filling it up with 6 stickers with the help of her friends, my Dad for the three stickers, my brother with one sticker, and my Mom for 2 the stickers. The artwork of the Starbucks 2006 planner contains some graphic art that reminds me of Anyway, the 2006 planner is way better than the 2005 planner. It has lines (like that of in the notebook). Another improvement is that it does not remind me of spiral notebooks and my address book here at home where the spire would irritate you because the front cover went out of it.

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