Stained Glass Caped Superhero

If there’s anything I love about going to events, expositions or whatever I call it, it’s the interesting and at the same time, the odd finds as well. And who would have thought of putting a stained glass caped superhero as part of the aesthetics of his home? There are a lot of people who are dying just to have a figurine of Superman or any other comic book character to have it displayed in his or her room. But a stained glass? Surely this would be a really cool idea, however, this is just way too much. Yes you could buy yourself a costume and a figurine for display and some comic books but a stained glass like on the picture is for ultra-rich-kid fanatics. Nevertheless, the artwork of the stained glass is magnificent since it has truly displayed the mark of a skilled artist. I found this one at WorldBEX 2006 amongst the tiled car and the models walking on the ramp surrounded by bathroom fixtures. I tell you, if you’re going to see this, you’ll surely be awed by this. And the same thing goes if you’ll ever see this sculpture. Also, expect to be seeing a Spongebob-like mascot (minus the spongy texture of course) of Wilcon Builders.

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