Splintr Unplugged: Greyhoundz and Slapshock

Splintr Unplugged: Greyhoundz 5

I was able to watch the final part of Splintr Unplugged with Sha. For bands like Greyhoundz and Slapshock, the words “unplugged” and “acoustic” would mean the exact opposite of their music. But in last night’s concert in Teatrino, the unplugged versions of their songs are amazing.

Splintr Unplugged: Greyhoundz 25
Enrique de Dios of Brigada

Greyhoundz’s set has a lot of surprises. Enrique de Dios (of Brigada) played the piano for Greyhoundz and the tambourine too. Bogoy Espejo (of Zooom), Ian Tayao (of Queso and Wilabaliw) and Jamir Garcia (of Slapshock) jammed with them as well for the song “Taking U High”. “Taking U High” is from their album “7 Corners Of Your Game” (released in 1999).

Splintr Unplugged: Greyhoundz 41
Jamir Garcia and Ian Tayao with Greyhoundz

Splintr Unplugged: Greyhoundz 44
Audie Avenido, Reg Rubio and Bogoy Espejo

Splintr Unplugged: Greyhoundz 4
Nino Avenido and TJ Brillantes

Splintr Unplugged: Greyhoundz 28
Reg Rubio

Splintr Unplugged: Slapshock 9

Just before Slapshock started to perform, I felt excited when I heard the violin playing. 😀 One of the songs they played that night is “Miles Away” which is their tribute to Allen Cudal (former guitarist of Greyhoundz who died from a car accident). The best part of Slapshock’s set is “Agent Orange”. As the violinist played the intro part and I got goosebumps. It was so beautiful. 🙂 During the last song of Slapshock, Lean Ansing left the stage and then came back with his electric guitar. 😀 It was definitely a great way to end an unplugged set. 😀

Splintr Unplugged: Slapshock 1
The violinist

Splintr Unplugged: Slapshock 3
Chi Evora

Splintr Unplugged: Slapshock 8
Lean Ansing

Splintr Unplugged: Slapshock 17
Lee Nadela

Splintr Unplugged: Slapshock 19
Jamir Garcia

Thanks to splintr.com for the tickets 😀

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