Spindependence at Greenbelt

Chasing Fires

Spindependence at Greenbelt was a blast. I was offered to try the free ribbon clinics and I declined because my purpose there is to take photos 😀 . Spindependence is a celebration of free flowing arts. Aside from the ribbon clinics, a fire zips competition was held and Fire Hazard won first place. There was an arnis exhibition and a capoiera exhibition as well.

The Challenge
The challenge that I encountered here is to be able to take a photograph that will be able to highlight the flow of the fire. I tried the P mode, the Tv and even the Av. I ended up using the Tv mode using a slow shutter speed. There are times that I would fire the flash (using second curtain) and sometimes I would not fire it. But the hardest part is being able to frame it and capturing the right moment. It was definitely a learning experience though. 🙂

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