Speeding up the Process

My Driver’s License

I just acquired my driver’s license this afternoon. The system when I first got my license dated back to dinosaur age where ID pictures are to be taken using a Polaroid camera and it will take six months or so to acquire the ID. Thanks to the continuous development of technology, things have become faster. The polaroid camera is now upgraded with a Digital camera and the ID may be claimed within the day which drastically lessened the lead time.

However, I have observed some things that are still to be improved by the LTO. Firstly, I have noticed that when calling for this and this and to what counter he or she should proceed, two different persons announced at the same time. For this problem, it would be best that a program must be used so that when everytime someone uses the microphone for announcements, it will indicate that he or she is using the microphone, and therefore, the next person will be queued and will be notified if he or she can already use it for announcements. Second, I have also noticed that the speaker system at LTO Coastal Mall does not sound clear. I suggest that new speakers must be provided. Third, while I was waiting for my turn to take the picture, I noticed that the girl that should be responding to me was typing something from the 4 to 5 people that were in front of me. This kind of process introduces a bottleneck and I was really disappointed in this kind of system. The process should be like this, girl1 gets the application, types the necessary info while girl2 takes the picture and asks the applicant to sign at the digital pad with a digital pen of course. Lastly, it took them so long to call my name in order to pay for the fee. I just do not know what kind of process are they implementing. But then again, they should further improve it.

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