Something to Cool things up

Sometimes, locking yourself up in an air-conditioned room or drinking gallons of cold water is not enough to beat the summer heat. There would be constant cravings of food that I’ll be mentioning.

Wendy’s Frosty
When you’re stuck in front of Wendy’s, you have no choice but to buy the Super Value Frosty which does not have any kind of variation in flavor at all. So everytime you grab one, all you’ll think of is chocolate and get a brainfreeze after eating.

Thumbs Up
This is a store owned by Dominic Ochoa (you could see his signature over their packaging). So, if you’re walking around the mall and you happen to pass by a Thumbs Up stall, you may want to try their corn-flavored and strawberry-flavored ice cream. You may want to forget about their Bubblegum and cotton candy flavors. I just don’t know how to appreciate their taste.

Whether it’s Chowking’s halo-halo or your friendly neighborhood store, most will certainly crave for halo-halo. However, the ingredients of the halo-halo, except for ice, must not be overflowing. Halo-Halo is best served with ube, leche flan and ice cream on top. Or if there’s no ube, ube flavored ice cream will be your special add-on.

Ice Drops
The best ice drops available (within our office vicinity) are Selecta’s ice drops. We end up choosing between Choco Peanut or Queso Real. For me, Queso Real rocks because of the presence of cheese bits. I love cheese by the way. Choco Peanut for me has an okay-taste but not an okay-okay taste. I hope you get what I mean.

Ice Candy
Ice candy is what I have been missing a lot lately. My Mom used to make Mango flavored Ice candy for us when I was still in grade school. She would use ripe mango, mix it with milk, water and some sugar and then blend it. The good thing about Mom’s homemade ice candies is that it’s natural (not 100% natural though since the milk used did not come directly from the cow).

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