Sober No More

And the reason why I was not able to post something is alcohol. I was sober for so many weeks already. Even if I was able to catch a gig, not even a single drop of alcohol rushed through my esophagus. In fact, I missed my drinking sessions with my friends. Thus, last Friday, we had a drinking session. We were six in the group and around three to four bottles of gin are consumed. The first half was mixed with guyabano juice while the other half was mixed with pineapple juice.
I asked my friend Pam,

KARLA: Pam, pineapple juice ba yang hinalo diyan?
PAM: Ano pa nga ba?
KARLA: Malay ko ba kung mango juice? Hehe!
PAM: May point ka diyan. Hehe!

Also, we were supposed to sing some from the VIDEOKE CD that Richard brought. However, it turned out that we just jammed while me and Lee or Lee and Lhette played the guitars. We were having the time of our life, singing tunes popularized by Aegis, Jessa Zaragoza, and even Back Street Boys (with matching dance grooves for this particular artist). You may be wondering what has gotten into us. I’d say that we were just having our laugh trip sessions. We missed the days were each one of us had a story to tell that has something to laugh about. In order to compensate for those missed days, a jamming session mixed with laughing session plus the drinking session are combined.
After the drinking session, I went home with a spinning headache that signaled me to just doze off instead of going online.

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