Small World

I just met the vocalist of Milk and Money just this morning who happens to be working in a company that’s connected with the one I am currently working for. You see, my line of work right now does not keep me in front of the computer monitor for straight five days. Going back, Milk and Money was in the RX Band Breakout. I was able to recall that they performed together with Matilda who happens to be my friend. Aside from the RX Band Breakout, they also performed together for the Global Battle of the Bands. It was just really amazing to encounter someone who has a band and yet I’m even not in a gig of some sort.

Well, this is not the first time that I have encountered such. When I was at Ortigas last week for field work, I bumped into my friend from our parish whom I haven’t seen for the longest time. Then, as we were about to step out of the building, I also bumped into to my long-time-no-see friend Rhoda who is also a blogger. The funny thing is that both of my friends are working in the same company and has the same shift. Hmmm… could they be in the same account together? Hehehe!

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