Slight Acrophobia Means…


I have a slight acrophobia and it sucks because I cannot enjoy like what my sister did as suggested by the image above. They just came from Thailand yesterday and they went parasailing. She’d like to try it, and at the same time, she would like to back out as well. But there’s no certainly backing out when you’re already on air. Hehehe! In order to enjoy such experience, I must conquer my fear first.

When I was in college, we tried using the Fire Exit stairs near the College Canteen. But by the time we reached third floor, I cannot take it anymore. I have to use the main building stairs because my heart is already beating fast and it’s as if my legs are being pulled down by a blackhole from nowhere. Also, everytime we go to Enchanted Kingdom, I won’t ride the Anchor’s Away, Space Shuttle, Flying Fiesta and Condor. But I could ride the Up, Up and Away and the Jungle Log Jam.

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