SkyCable Digibox

Last November 14, I attended a SkyCable Digibox briefing for bloggers which was held at Intercontinental Hotel in Makati City. The Digibox was actually available way before this event so I have a pretty good idea of what it is like. But when it was demoed to us, cool features were showed that I did not know before. Before, All I know is that I know that it shows the title of the program of the current show and the next show alongside with its air time.

Channel lock feature
This feature is a must especially for parents who are not always there to guide their children on what they’re watching. They can’t watch the channel that you’ve locked unless you lock it with a password.

Favorite Channels
Marking a certain channel as your favorite is certainly my favorite feature. It gives channel surfing a whole new meaning.

Channel Re-ordering
You can move-up or move-down channels just the way you want to with the Digibox. Again, this is my second favorite feature since I could prioritize my favorite channels first when channel surfing.

As of this point, SkyCable Digibox is available for Metro Manila residents only.

Changing the old box to the new box? All you have to do is call SkyCable and have your old box replaced with a new one. Service fee for the replacement is 350 pesos.

Next year will be an exciting year for SkyCable since HD service will be available by that time. Of course, not all channels will be on HD. It will actually depend on the channel if they will provide HD content. šŸ™‚ Perhaps on the UAAP 2009 season, I guess you’ll feel like you’re just looking through an opened window situated at the court. šŸ˜‰

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