Skeleton Key

Skeleton Key PosterThis movie will teach you an old saying, “Curiosity killed the cat”. Also, this film depicted an overused theme in films and that is the conspiracy of the villain and someone whom she thought that could help her. Lastly, this is one of the turn-your-books-to-movies films and the author of the book carrying the same title is Anthony Horowitz. This film stars Kate Hudson, the main actress of this film.

The movie starts off with a scene in a hospital where a black man dies. The heroine in the movie then gets frustrated because her patient died and she thinks that the hospital does not serve its main purpose in taking care of people. Because of her frustration, she applied as a caregiver/private nurse for a certain family living away from the city. On her way there, she filled up her tank at a deserted gasoline station. As she was trying to find the one who is in-charge of the gasoline station, horror mode is then turned on when she found out some creepy stuff and an old lady without the black part of her eye carrying a baby. As she turned her back she found a young black lad in her overly surprised state. She hurried into her car which is an old school Volkswagon Beetle and continued with her trip. As soon as she parked in front of the house of her patient, I was in a state of deja vu. It occurred to me that the house seemed to be like the one that of in the film AmityVille. She went inside the house and found the patient in the garden. Her patient is paralyzed and suffered a stroke which caused his inability to speak.

Kate Hudson with the Skeleton keyMoving on and removing some uninteresting parts of the film, she noticed that there are no mirrors to be found at the mansion. On the next day, the old lady gave her a skeleton key which gives her the utmost authority in opening all the doors in the mansion.

Again, removing some uninteresting parts of the film, the old lady asked her to get something in the attic. Her curiosity has led her further to look for something more inside when she noticed something moving. She found another door at the attic and tested the skeleton key to see if it works. However, her curiosity was heightened all the more when she cannot open it. She asked the old lady what’s inside the door that she cannot open. The old lady said that when they started to live there, it’s already closed.

Because of the curiosity rush, she made a way to open the mysterious door. And she was successful. She found the same stuff inside the room like the ones in the gasoline station. The old lady was then looking for her. She got out off the forbidden room and was able to hide herself somewhere when the old lady opened the door. She went to the city and asked her friend about the unusual stuff. She told her something about voodoo and showed her the place where she could ask for help. It turned out that the Laundry Area is just a front of their voodoo business in which she was able to seek advise in how she could lift the spell cast on the old man. She went back to her patient’s home with the voodoo paraphernalia along with the spell written in a piece of paper. She hurried up to the old man’s room and cast the spell on him. For a first-timer on casting spells, she’s very much effective. She was able to cast her spell smoothly and was able to make the old man speak to her. He was asking the young lady to get him out of the house and help him. But their escape was spoiled by the old lady as she rushed out to her husband’s room knocking on the door.

After being able to cast a spell, she left her pocket mirror opened as she tried sleeping. She saw a shadow of someone in the mirror and she freaked out when she remember the saying of the old woman that if someone believes that there are spirits existing in the house, then she will surely see one.

The next day, she went up to the attic again and took pictures of what she found in the forbidden room. She showed it to the supposed-someone that would help her who turns out to be having the soul of the old woman’s husband. In the end, they became successful in transferring the soul of the old woman to the young woman’s body. And thus, this is another create your own ending movie unless they are planning to have a sequel of this one.

Bringing out the horror in you – 2 out of 5
Plot to make a propaganda – 5 out of 5
How Kate Hudson said I don’t believe in the final parts of the movie that made me inconvinced – 5 out of 5
Suitability of Kate Hudson for the part – 1 out of 5

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