Silent Sanctuary’s Paalam: Coming Soon!

I received a message from Chino David, Silent Sanctuary’s violinist that they will be releasing a new single soon! I just played the pre-release copy of the single entitled “Paalam”. 🙂

“Paalam” is a song on saying on goodbye to a relationship. The lyrics are simple and straightforward with a very clear message that strikes you especially if you’re mending a broken heart. The message of the song also suggests some resentment of someone who possibly have done something wrong on why they had to say goodbye to their relationship.

Here’s an excerpt of the lyrics of “Paalam”

Paalam na sa mga yakap at halik
sa tamis at pait
Bakit hinayaan
Sinayang ko lang ang iyong wagas na pag-ibig

“Paalam” will hit the airwaves soon. Music and lyrics by Sarkie Sarangay. 🙂

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